If you stepped outside into the warm, almost sauna-like conditions Saturday night, you might have swatted at more than just one flying insect.

The winged creatures, more scientifically known as the male odorous house ant, swarmed an area from Grand Rapids to Rockford and beyond (thank you for letting us know, bugged WZZM viewers).

The insects loved being outside for more reasons than just the weather.

They're part of a mating swarm, and this is about the time of year when the ritual happens, says Bernice DeMarco, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University in an email.

If someone crushed one, that's where "odorous" comes into play: "They smell like blue cheese," she said.

The ants usually nest outside under a rock or a pile of dead leaves, DeMarco writes. And for those nervous about too many to swat at once, no need to fret as they're not a serious pest.

"For them, it's a matter of spreading out their colony," said Michael Kaufman, an associate professor of entomology at Michigan State University. "They've probably been waiting for triggers like last night's warmth and humidity."