The recipe for any good group date on The Bachelor is a fun, light-hearted competition, and one very jealous woman.

Poor Arie Luyendyk Jr. thought a fun outing at the bowling alley would produce a drama-free evening. But man was he wrong.

The women on the group date were split into two teams, the Spare Roses and the Pin Ups. Arie told the women whichever team won would attend the after party, but the losing team would have to go back to the hotel.

The competition heated up as the women fought for an extra night with Arie. In the end, the Spare Roses had the higher score. But Arie felt it was unfair to deny anyone time to get to know him, just because they are not good at bowling. He announced everyone would be able to attend the after party.

That did not sit will with Krystal.

She was visibly upset on the bus ride back to the hotel, and told the other women she can no longer trust Arie.

Krystal also told the women she would not be attending the after party, because she was so upset with Arie. She told them because he went back on his word, he lost her trust. She wants her relationship to be a partnership, and felt her team was disrespected because Arie did not ask them first if the other girls could attend.

Arie found Krystal in her room and told her it was just bowling. But she refused to see it differently. When she tried to play off their argument as their 'first fight,' Arie was disappointed in her for acting this way, told her to stay in her room, and he would see her at the rose ceremony.

Bachelor fans thought this might be the fall of Kween Krystal, but we were sadly mistaken. Arie gave her the final rose during the ceremony.

Fans said goodbye to Ashley, Maquel and Marikh. That leaves 10 women left in the fight for Arie's love.

Other cute moments:

Chelsea and Arie's one-on-one date gave us a new look at Chelsea.

She opened up about her ex, and their son. Arie felt a lot more respect for her, after knowing what she went through and how strong she is today.

Tia and Arie went on a trip through the Everglades. A man who lives on a home built on stilts (which he built himself) gave them a feast of everglade fried foods, including frog legs. We saw the country side of Tia come out, especially when she talked about gigging frogs.

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