Some people call it "shuffleboard on ice." But because of all the strategy involved, curling enthusiasts say it's really more like "chess on ice."

WZZM 13's Meredith TerHaar got to learn all about the game that captivates so many viewers during the winter Olympics. She met up with Marcus Gleaton, the co-founder of the Kalamazoo Curling Club at the Wings event center in Kalamazoo for a beginner's lesson.

The game works like this: teams of four take turns sending a stone down a 150-foot rectangle of ice into a bulls-eye for points.

One person is the skip, or the team leader. That's the person you'll hear making the calls and guiding the rest of the team through the match.

A fun fact about curling - the stone, or granite rock sent down the ice, is made of very specific granite.

"They're a special granite that comes from a quarry," said Gleaton. "It's an island called Ailsa Craig in Scotland. It's a very dense granite so it holds up and withstands."

And each stone costs about $1,000.

The Kalamazoo Curling Club welcomes all beginners to the sport. Starting in March, the club will offer Olympic leagues lasting three weeks. They will offer another one in April.

You can also learn to curl with the Kalamazoo Curling Club. Due to high demand, all Learn to Curl events are booked, but more are being added in coming weeks.

Check the Kalamazoo Curling Club website and Facebook page for updates.

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