The Harbor Cinema suddenly closed in May. Owner Dan Taylor says it was a business decision.

But things have changed since May. And Taylor says the Harbor Cinema will reopen Thursday. The closing had to do with the Harbor not being allowed by the film studios to show first run films.

Fox and Universal recently changed the long-running industry policy that gave big theater chains exclusive rights to new releases. Smaller theaters like the Harbor relied on independent, foreign, and second run films.

Now the Harbor can show first run films. It's reopening with the new "Ice Age" film on one screen. And the new Star Trek on the other screen.

"It is very exciting because we have not had one first run movie since we have been here," said Taylor.

The Harbor Cinema is in the Lakeside neighborhood. It opened first in 1921.

The Lakeside Neighborhood Association is providing free popcorn during opening night and weekend.

And Taylor recently purchased two new digital projectors for the cinema. They'll start lighting up screens starting Thursday afternoon.