GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — In order to maintain sobriety, therapy and new support systems are essential. Like diabetes or other chronic diseases, it’s helpful to think of addiction as a condition that must be actively managed to help prevent or reduce chance of relapse.

Therapy provides those in recovery with new coping techniques to help them avoid high-risk situations, learn new ways to unwind and relax, recognize and change negative thinking, and make connections with recovery-friendly people and activities. Sometimes the alcohol or drugs were used to self-medicate the symptoms of past trauma, depression, anxiety or other behavioral health issue. In nearly every case, the resulting consequences of alcohol and/or drug use have damaged the individual’s physical, emotional, financial and familial health. 

Addressing these issues with a Certified Addiction Counselor has been proven to increase the ability to not only stay sober, but build a life worth living. Pine Rest also provides services to the family in a systems centered approach to treatment. Learn more about the addiction services available through the Pine Rest: