Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my site. I’m CJ, and I'm training to be a service dog for Paws With A Cause when I grow up. There is a lot to learn to become a service dog. Every week mom and I go to puppy kindergarten at the Paws headquarters in Wayland and I learn new commands that will help me be the best service dog I can be.

Mom also makes sure I take a lot of field trips so I experience as many noises and smells as possible. That way I won’t be startled or curious when I’m on the job. You might see me around wearing my Paws training cape when mom takes me on her stories or events, to soccer games, Meijer or even the occasional restaurant. If you do I hope you’ll understand that you can’t pet me or talk to me. It takes a lot of concentration to sit patiently and wait for mom to tell me what to do next.

When I’m not on the job (and not wearing my cape) I sure do like to have play dates with other Paws Pups, belly rubs, peanut butter kongs, chew sticks, and take lots of naps. Oh, did I mention belly rubs??

I hope you’ll follow me along my journey to become a service dog!