"You just get the joy of watching that kid just dig through the bin," says Austin Rasch.

Austin Rasch loves when children come to pick a pumpkin.

"The look on the kids faces is what I grew to love," says Rasch.

But now that love has taken a hit because Rasch was recently told by leaders in Plainfield Township that he can no longer operate his outdoor pumpkin stand.

"I was just honestly stunned," says Rasch.

Rasch and his brother have been selling the 2 dollar pumpkins for the past 6 years outside of West River Carpets with the business owners approval.

"The reasoning was that the stand is labeled as a farm stand and within Plainfield Township if the farm stand is located on a commercial residence it's not allowed," says Rasch.

Leaders in Plainfield Township would not talk to us on camera but off camera the township's ordinance supervisor tells us the outdoor pumpkin was a possible safety hazard and it's their job to regulate and enforce the rules.

If Austin and his brother continued to operate the stand in the same location it would be ticketed with a civil infraction and fined $100 per day.

"It seems like there could be a lot more greater issues that we could be focusing on rather than shutting down a $2 pumpkin stand that is mainly geared towards children," says Rasch.

Leaders in Plainfield Township say the pumpkin stand could have continued to operate if it was moved inside.

"If you are going to pick out your pumpkin you want to be outdoors, looking at the leaves and the changing colors, I just feel like it wouldn't be the same if it were to be indoors," says Rasch.

Rasch has moved his pumpkin stand to Walker near the roundabout at Wilson and Remembrance.

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