ROCKFORD, MICH. - We always hear there is no such thing as a free lunch, but Wednesday in Rockford, lunch was free for a few dozen members of the Michigan National Guard.

The troops were on a break from training at nearby Belmont Armory.

Another customer saw them in their fatigues eating hot dogs and hamburgers and said he would pay for every soldier’s lunch. And he didn’t want anyone to know he was doing it.

“It was really nice, it was really sweet,” says SSG Lalillian Haynes. “We really did appreciate it. It made our day.”

“They happened to come in, he happened to be here and he did his part to say thank you,” explains Corner Bar manager Emma Boehms. “I think it was someone who wanted to recognize what they have done for us and he really wanted to remain anonymous.”

“He picked up our whole tab,” confirms SFC Venice Sheposh. “And he left without us saying thank you. We all wanted to say thank you.”

The mystery man also added a 25% tip bringing the bill for lunch to around $200.

“I was shocked someone would do something so selfless,” says Boehms. “And just on a whim.”