School districts are looking into their own security measures, in an effort to prevent a school shooting from happening here. Rockford Public School's Superintendent sent a letter to parents Wednesday night, detailing the security already in place.

In that letter, Dr. Mike Shibler assured parents that their students are safe at Rockford Public Schools. Between the many cameras, former law enforcement personnel and shatter resistant doors, Shibler said the school is taking the best precautions possible.

"This individual was allowed to walk into the building during school day and create carnage, my expectation is that type of individual would have a very difficult time getting into our buildings," Shibler said.

There are numerous cameras, an emergency lock down button and shatter proof windows. Shibler said Rockford is as prepared as it can be.

"I'm never going to get used to this, I'm not going to become jaded. Are we really getting used to this is this something normal now practice? I will never let that happen," Shibler said.

The school's security department is lead by a former Wyoming police lieutenant.

"Plus we have eight other retired law enforcement professionals that are part of his department," Shibler said.

Even still, no place is guaranteed 100 percent safe.

"I definitely think it's just yet again another reality check not everything in perfect and our world is suffering," senior Sophie Lloyd said.

Seniors Sophie and Cole are comfortable at Rockford high school.

"I have a name-to-name relationship with a lot of the security guards here and I love that, they make me feel very safe and comforted," Lloyd said.

"I feel safe at Rockford High School and in the Rockford community and in West Michigan but still there are always is the threat that something like that can happen," Cole Johnson said.

But what about if they were ever in an active shooter situation?

"As hard it may seem, I would try and stay as calm as possible," Johnson said.

"I would just want to make sure that my sister was with me and safe and I think that's what I would do first," Lloyd said.

Still this concept is a challenge to envision.

"To lose a classmate or a child or a teacher or a parent, it's just not something that I can't imagine," Johnson said.

The students aren't allowed to carry backpacks around school and there is active shooter training every year, the next one coming in August.

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