Can using aluminum foil in food preparation give you Alzheimer's disease?

That's a question that caught our attention after receiving it from several viewers, so we set out to Verify it.

The answer: Mostly false.

Cooking under high temperatures with acidic foods (i.e. salty and spicy) can lead to a higher amount of aluminum leaching from foil into your food.

The World Health Organization writes that 40 mg of aluminum per 2.2 lbs of body weight is a safe amount for a human to intake daily.

But anything above 50 mg is considered toxic. One researcher at the International Journal of Electrochemical Science wrote in her research that it is likely food preparation often surpasses the safe threshold.

That being said, there is not enough research to link the leaching of aluminum foil to Alzheimer's disease.

So, while it is toxic to your health-- it is not a confirmed suspect of causing AD.

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