A Facebook post is making the rounds in Allegan County, and it's worrying quite a few people.

The post warns readers of a suspected sex trafficking attempt in Allegan. While most who shared or commented on the post believed it's true, others are skeptical.

It's hard to say who originally posted the message because it has been copied and pasted, but it's pretty clear that the post is causing some concern.

"Alert Allegan area Facebook family. I want to take a minute of your time to let you all know that there is a good chance of a sex trafficking ring in and around our area," Nicole Miller read the Facebook post from her cellphone Friday afternoon.

The post has been shared more than a thousand times on Facebook.

"It's scary; it's happening everywhere," she said.

The full Facebook post reads:

ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! Allegan area facebook family, I want to take a minute of your time to let you all know that there is a good chance of a sex trafficking ring in and around our area. My oldest has witness the person setting along side the road crying (this is a trick used by them to get you to stop and help) She saw this not far from our Jr, & Sr. High. 2 - weeks ago. Gut feeling told her not to stop. On a more Current issue, it looks like my granddaughter has been targeted. Which has all family members making sure that she make from home to work and to all other. She has encountered the same 2 guys for the last 3 days. On the 2nd day one them approached her while she was alone inside the bottle return area of the store and then stalked her around the store. The police have been notified and store management is on alert. Currently what we are looking for is 2 men in their 30's one with a full beard and the other with a scruffy face. They have been seen driving in a BLUE KIA SPECTRE with FLA license plate. There was another car thought to be involved that the police are actively investigating. Thank you for your time. Keep your family safe."

Miller was one of the many that shared this post when it came across her feed.

"It was shared by several different people I know," she said.

But like other people we spoke with that shared it, no one knows who initially posted it. In the post, they claimed police were notified. We shared it with the Allegan County Sheriff's Department to see if it's true.

"It can be true in the United States. In Allegan, we haven't taken any reports of this," said Captain Scott Matice with the Allegan County Sheriff's Office.

Police say they have seen the post circulated in different states across the country, but they have no reports of something like that happening here.

"When you show information that's not factual it actually causes people to panic, and sometimes it causes law enforcement to look into things that aren't real," Capt. Matice added.

But Miller says regardless if it's true or not people need to be warned of an ongoing issue.

"Human trafficking is becoming more and more aware, and people don't realize it's happening in their own town," Miller said.

So was there a recent trafficking attempt in Allegan? Police say there have been no reports.

Authorities say they do get sex and human trafficking cases, but they're usually drug or domestic related.

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