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Viral video puts small Michigan town on the map

Hamilton High School made national headlines last week, thanks to one sophomore student. It all started right on the school's basketball court.

HAMILTON, Michigan — A small town in Allegan County was put on the map after a whirlwind of activity over the past few days.  

Hamilton High School made headlines last week, thanks to one sophomore student. It all started right on the school's basketball court.  

“This week has been a little bit out of the norm," said Superintendent Dr. Bradford Lusk. 

In the past five days, Hamilton called three snow days due to extreme weather, faced power outages and won their first conference championship in three decades with an insane buzzer-beater three-pointer.

The icing on the cake, though, was what one student did at a basketball game that made them go viral.

“I didn't expect anything to happen out of it. I was just like, why not be my goofy self? There's some people watching, make ‘em laugh," said Aiden Lynch. 

Lynch started broadcasting for his school this year.

While Hamilton was playing on Wednesday, Superintendent Lusk entered the room. The students, of course, took to yelling “snow day.”

“I step into the gym and the kids, to their credit, and they have good eyesight. They noticed me walking to the gym, and started chanting, and I'm like, 'oh boy,'” Lusk said. 

Lynch was watching it all happen from his broadcasting desk. He knew the moment was going to be a "doozy," he said. 

Lusk finally relented, telling the student section they had a snow day on Thursday. 

“I'm like, 'Alright, if you guys want a snow day, fine, have a snow day,'” he said.

And the crowd went wild.

“The student section erupted. Everyone just went nuts," Lynch explained. “Even the players were jumping up and down at that point.”

Lynch, a true broadcaster, explained the situation to the rest of the fans, screaming: "and Lusk calls the snow day! Breaking news, Lusk just called a snow day! Right here, at the student section! Oh my goodness! Oh, I have never seen that before! Breaking news, Lusk called the snow day at Hamilton! No school for me tomorrow!" 

“I apologize for the parents and everybody else not let them know first," laughed Lusk.

After the game, he and his friends headed to McDonald’s like any game night.

“I got my McChicken and Shamrock Shake," Lynch said. 

When he looked at his phone, though, something changed. He realized he’d gone viral.

Over the next week, Lynch's voice would make appearances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America.

Now, what started as a hobby may become a career for him someday.

“It just really captures me and captures who I am," he explained. " “It's something that I love."

Lusk, who is in his first year as superintendent, says it was a week to remember. 

"You don't really plan for that. They don't have a Master's class for that, how to handle viral videos," he laughed. 

After making it big, and garnering the nickname "Hollywood" from his coworkers, Lynch is still just happy that he gets to do something he loves for a community he loves.

"I've always wanted to give back to the community. And I haven't been able to do and to do it in many ways. This small way is one that really benefits a lot of people," he explained. 

He's feeling thankful Hamilton has had his back. 

“This community is small, but we're all unified together," he said.

As the basketball season comes to an end, Lynch plans to be back in action for the hockey season.

This leaves just one thing left to say, according to Lusk. 

"Go Hawkeyes," he smiled. 


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