WALKER, Mich. — There's a bear in our midst and it's stirred up quite the conundrum, especially with the Walker Police Department. 

The department recently shared on Facebook that an officer was flagged down Wednesday, August 14 on reports on another black bear sighting. Officer Mitch Harkema says the pedestrian claimed to have spotted it in a lightly wooded area on Leonard Street, not far from where it was spotted previously. 

There have been numerous black bear sightings since last week, however the most recent had a twist. 

The police department says the bear the pedestrian claimed to have seen was actually just a statue. The officer and the pedestrian had a good laugh, but the incident has Walker Police asking community members to look twice at "possible bear sightings."

Harkema says the department has gotten reports that the black bear is eating from bird feeders, checking trash and licking grills left out on porches and in backyards. 

In cooperation with the DNR, Walker Police released these tips about how to prevent the bear from visiting your property:

  • Never feed or approach the beer
  • Bring bird feeders, grills and trash into the garage or shed
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Keep your distance, don't run and back away slowly
City of Walker Police Department added a new photo.

The bear was last spotted this morning around 1:30 a.m. near the Blandford Nature Center. The nature center asks that people call 616-735-6240 if they see the bear within the nature center property. 

Officer Harkema wanted to add that the department is asking people to stop going on a "bear chase." Each time a new video is posted on social media, people flood the area to try and find it. Harkema says this could lead to the bear feeling threatening. 

We thought we'd take a moment to respond to a question we have seen ... posted several times this week: "Why doesn't Walker PD just catch the bear?" Look below. What Sgt. Heugel is holding is a snare pole. It is designed to harness dogs or other small animals, NOT bears.


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