LEMAY, Mo — A Lemay woman said she was fired just because of her disability. Florence Davis used to be a dishwasher at Cusanelli's. Now, she's praying she finds another job.

"That’s not right," Davis said.

It may take her just a little bit longer but Davis said she finishes everything she starts.

"I was on the dishwasher, and I got dishes done within 20 minutes and he still let me go," she said.

This past weekend, her time at Cusanelli's ended when she said a manager, under the order of the owner, fired her.

Alyssa Boyce is her former co-worker.

"She did it perfectly in my opinion," Boyce said. "Of course I worked out front so I didn’t see it all the time, but there’s only been one person complaining about her."

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Boyce was so incensed, she texted the owner about it.

"'You crushed her, she’s heartbroken and I hope you sleep well tonight.' And that was Saturday night," she said.

The next day, she was fired, too. We asked her, knowing what she knows now, if she would do it again.

"Every single time," said Boyce.

The owner of Cusanelli's declined to talk to 5 On Your Side on camera but confirmed both women were let go.

He said Florence couldn't keep up with the pace of work and that he made every accommodation he could think of to make Florence's employment work.

He also claimed he discussed his intention to fire Florence with a social worker from Mers Goodwill, who helped place Florence in her job.

The social worker told 5 On Your Side that conversation never happened.

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"She just didn’t deserve it," said Boyce.

Now Alyssa is hopeful another restaurant will give Florence a chance. She said, it may take her just a little bit longer, but the task will be done well.

"I hope she gets a job where she’s appreciated because she does an amazing job," said Boyce.

5 On Your Side consulted Paraquad, a disability advocacy program in St. Louis to find out whether Florence's firing was legal.

Kim Lackey, the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at Paraquad, said no extra explanation for termination is required for a person with disabilities.

However, if Florence decided to file a complaint with the federal or state government, and they launch an investigation, the restaurant owner would have to prove that he made a diligent effort to accommodate her.

The owner said that's exactly what he did.

Florence said he could have done more.