A medical marijuana provider who had too many plants at a grow facility where a Wyoming police officer was injured while investigating a break-in was placed on probation Thursday for maintaining a drug house.

Stacy Marie Hahn also got an earful from the sentencing judge, who says Michigan’s medical marijuana statute is “poorly written.’’

“I quite frankly believe the people who wrote that statute were probably smoking it at the time,’’ Kent County Circuit Court Judge Mark Trusock said. “It is poorly written and most attorneys can’t understand it.

“This is, unfortunately, another situation where someone was trying to comply as best as you could with the medical marijuana act,’’ Trusock said. “Here you had 87 plants, which was more than what was allowed. This was not a situation where you were selling to people illegally on the street.’’

Under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law, the most plants a caregiver can have is 72. Police found 87 plants in the grow facility Hahn operated in a grey brick building on Clay Avenue north of 54th Street SW.

That discovery came after her facility was targeted by thieves in February.

Wyoming officer Dustin Cook was investigating the Feb. 12 break-in when he scaled a gate to reach a broken window. On the other side was a sheet of plywood with more than 100 three-inch, threaded decking screws pointing upward. His feet were impaled.

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Criminal charges were not filed against the person who set-up the bed of screws because prosecutors were unable to find a criminal statute that applied.

Trusock, noting Hahn’s otherwise spotless record, put her on probation for a year and ordered that she perform 150 hours of community service.

Under terms of the sentence, Hahn’s record will be wiped clean if she successfully completes probation.

“You evidently had been broken into several times, there were some booby traps around the fence and unfortunately, a police officer stepped on that and injured himself,’’ Trusock said. “That is not part of this criminal case.’’

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