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Brie, camembert cheeses from two dozen brands recalled over listeria outbreak

The recall includes cheeses sold by two dozen different brands.

Brie and camembert cheeses sold by more than two dozen different brands are being recalled after a listeria outbreak sickened people in six states, federal health officials said. 

The cheeses were made by Old Europe Cheese, Inc and sold nationwide at various stores, the FDA said in a recall notice posted Friday. The recall includes products from Fresh Thyme, Good & Gather, Trader Joe's, Joan of Arc, Lidl, and many more. A full list is available on the notice and at the end of this article.

According to the CDC, illnesses linked to the cheeses were reported in California, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Six people were sickened, with five of them going to the hospital. Officials said the true number of sick people is likely higher, with some recovering at home and not getting tested for the illness. 

Investigators took samples from Old Europe Cheese's facility in Michigan, finding listeria in one of them. Genetic testing connected that sample of bacteria to samples taken from the sick people, the CDC said. 

In addition to the voluntary recall, Old Europe Cheese is pausing production while it addresses the potential contamination source.

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What cheeses were recalled? 

The recalled brie and camembert cheeses were made by Old Europe Cheese of Benton Harbor, Michigan and sold under various brands nationwide and in Mexico. Affected best-by dates range from Sept. 28, 2022 to Dec. 14, 2022.

  • Black Bear
  • Block & Barrel
  • Charmant
  • Cobblestone
  • Culinary Tour
  • Fredericks
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Glenview Farms
  • Good & Gather
  • Heinen’s
  • Joan of Arc
  • La Bonne Vie
  • Lidl
  • Life in Provence
  • Market 32
  • Matrie’d
  • Metropolitan
  • Prestige
  • Primo Taglio
  • Red Apple Cheese
  • Reny Picot
  • St. Randeaux
  • St. Rocco
  • Taste of Inspiration
  • Trader Joe

If you've bought brie or camembert cheese from one of these brands, you can check the FDA notice to see whether its name and UPC code match a recalled product. 

The FDA urged people who've purchased the recalled cheese to throw it away without eating it, and sanitize any surfaces or containers it might have touched. Listeria can survive refrigerated temperatures and contaminate other foods. 

Old Europe Cheese has set up a telephone line for recall questions. The number is 269-925-5003, extension 335. It is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time. 

What is listeria? 

The bacteria Listeria monocytogenes can cause serious illness in some people, known as listeriosis. The CDC says the bacteria is spread through contaminated food. 

Listeria mostly affects pregnant women, newborns, older people and people with weakened immune systems. People outside these groups can get sick from the bacteria, but they usually only get mild food poisoning symptoms instead of more severe illness. 

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