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Chipotle is offering buy-one-get-one free burritos to teachers May 8

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Chipotle is offering a deal at participating locations.

If you’re a teacher who loves burritos, SING HALLELUJAH.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 to 11, and in its honor, Chipotle is offering buy-one-get-one free burritos at participating locations across the U.S. and Canada from 3 p.m. to closing time.

Don’t worry, it’s not just for burritos.

The deal also extends to bowls, salads and orders of tacos, according to the company website.

How to get the deal

All you have to do as the teacher, faculty or staff member is present your company ID at checkout.

Or, provide some type of documentation showing you work at: a preschool school, elementary school, high school, community college or university or home school.

The offer can’t be combined with other discounts and it’s only available in stores, not online or over the phone.

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