Didn't get a new stuffed friend from Build-A-Bear yesterday? Chuck E. Cheese's is trying to help.

Chuck E. Cheese's is offering its own pay your age deal on Friday after Build-A-Bear's similar deal caused long lines and left many customers empty-handed.

Parents can pay their child's age for 30 minutes of 'All You Can Play' only on Friday July 13, according to a post on the kids entertainment company's Facebook page. The offer is only available at locations where 'Play Pass' is available.

Chuck E. Cheese's 'All You Can Play' was launched last month and allows parents to pay for time instead of using the traditional method of purchasing tokens or Play Points. It usually costs $9 for 30 minutes of time.

The deal comes less than 24 hours after Build-A-Bear's pay your age sale had to be shut down. Just hours after some stores opened in the U.S., the company said it had to limit the number of people in lines due to safety concerns.

Build-A-Bear said it gave a $15 voucher to customers waiting in lines and Build-A-Bear Club members who log into their accounts by July 15.