Two Oklahoma state senators have introduced a bill that would rename a portion of the iconic Route 66 highway after President Trump. 

Sens. Nathan Damn and Marty Quinn of Oklahoma filed the bill to rename the section of Route 66 President Donald J. Trump Highway Tuesday.

“We feel like this is a perfect opportunity to commemorate the great impact his leadership has had on improving the economy and bringing jobs and commerce back to our great state,” Dahm told KOKH

If bill passes, a 13-mile section of the highway would be renamed. The section stretched from Miami, OK through Commerce, OK to the Industrial Parkway in Ottowa County. 

There would be no cost to taxpayers to rename the highway and put up new signs. The Senate and House co-authors of the bill would have to cover the cost should the bill pass. Dahm posted a photo of what a sign would look like. 

The bill is set to be heard in the next legislative session, which begins February 2020.