A Southwest Airlines plane skidded off the runway Thursday during rainy weather in southern California.

The incident occurred at Hollywood Burbank Airport, also known as Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

The FAA said Southwest Flight 278 from Oakland to Burbank "rolled off the end of runway 8'' shortly after 9:05 a.m. local time.

Southwest said there are no reports of injuries among the 112 passengers and five crew members.

The major airline company also replied in a tweet that they will refund the passengers the cost of a roundtrip airfare "and including an additional gesture of goodwill."

Southwest passenger Moe Storch said on Twitter that the plane hydroplaned on a wet runway after landing and that the pilot regained control, hit brakes and reverse thrust "just in time.''

He praised the pilots for regaining control of the Boeing 737.

In a reply on Twitter that has since been deleted, Southwest said: "We have some really great pilots who ensure the safety of our customers! We hope we can welcome you onboard again soon, Moe.''

The runway where the incident occurred is closed, but another runway is operational and the airport remains open, Burbank airport officials said.

It has been raining in southern California, and the airport had issued a weather advisory to travelers on Wednesday.