Newaygo, Mich. (WZZM) -

The director of the Newaygo Area District Library says police "confirm" the librarian she fired last month was embezzling from the organization.

"Clearly an embezzlement," says library director Christina Golm.

After she terminated long time and much loved librarian Georgia Kohlbeck for suspected embezzlement, some in the community are demanding the removal of new Newaygo District Library Director Christina Golm.

"Why did you hire her," Newaygo resident Dolores Cook demanded to know at a Tuesday meeting of the library board.

But after several citizens demanded the board terminate her, library director Golm said preliminary results of the police investigation indicate there was embezzlement at the library.

"The detective told me I could tell the board that it is clearly embezzlement," Golm says.

One board member says they aren't expecting a detailed report from police investigating embezzlement until next month.

Golm says the library has recovered from short staff problems and is now operating "better than before".