I learned something in today's One Good Thing. When a foster child moves - which they do a lot - they are often given a garbage bag to move their things. And that's it. A garbage bag. Which doesn't exactly illicit a sense of self-worth. One local woman is trying to change that.

Jennifer Dashner is right in the middle of a project called "5 Bags A Day For 55 Days." She's gathering donated duffel bags so foster kids have something to call their own. Small as it is, a place to keep the few things they own. Because a garbage bag could send the message that what they have is trash. Jennifer says she got the idea for the project when she saw a video a few years ago about foster care. She's an adoptive parent herself... and wants to make sure kids in the system have a sense of dignity. Giving them a duffel instead of a garbage bag is a little gesture that can make a big difference.

Now, this is not to say every foster care facility does this. But, Jennifer has clearly seen it enough to prompt her into action. And if you'd like to help her, go here to donate. Jennifer Dashner and "5 Bags A Day For 55 Days" gets today's One Good Thing.

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