ALLENDALE, Mich — There is an organization called "FIRST LEGO."  It has nothing to do with building blocks.  Instead, they team up scientists with kids to solve world-wide problems.  And we want to recognize some Allendale students who are making a difference though that program.

They teamed up with medical physicist, Reese Haywood.  They used the country of Haiti as a reference point. 

The team wanted to find new ways to transport clean water from remote areas to towns and villages.  Their idea?  A basic buckets with ultraviolet LED lights, just like the ones in light bulbs and TVs.  They run on Double-A batteries.  And it all worked!

The world is full of problems.  And as the FIRST LEGO program shows us, kids can find the answers to solve them.  They all get today's One Good Thing!

If you have a One Good Thing you'd like to submit - someone or something that makes West Michigan a good place to live - email me with your photos and-or video at