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One Good Thing: Papa Piccione's

A local restaurant goes out of its way - with regularity - to help the surrounding community it serves.

We all love the restaurants we grow up visiting, especially those local, family-owned places.

It's even easier to love them, when they go out of their way to help their community.

That's today's "One Good Thing."

Megan wrote in to tell me about all the fundraisers being done at "Papa Piccone's" in Kent City.

Here are just a few things she says they've done:

In September, they raised money for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. They always do breast cancer awareness fundraisers. They take donations to help feed the homeless. Recently the restaurant ran a day-long breakfast fundraiser during which they donated 30-percent of their proceeds to the Ricker Family.

In addition, Megan says they're always helping local sports teams and giving teenagers a great place to work. She also added that the restaurant's owner, Jeff Sabin, has a great heart.

And it certainly sounds that way. Jeff Sabin and Papa Piccione's get today's One Good Thing.

If you have a One Good Thing you'd like to submit - someone or something that makes West Michigan a good place to live - email me at OneGoodThing@WZZM13.com.

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