Time to thank a group of people who saved a horses life, when it - frankly - looked like there was no hope.  And - heads up - this video may be a little difficult to watch.

This is Lady.  And she's having a seizure.  She was at Bethesda Farm, a day-camp for adults with disabilities when it happened.  They called a vet who said, "get her up."  It is very important that horses get up when they're having seizures. Lady is 12-hundred pounds. So, The people at Bethesda called Chad Ayers, who owns the nearby True Value.  Quickly, He showed up with Brett Reister, one of his employees. They arrived with a tow strap... and the group spent 70 long minutes pulling Lady into a clearing.  By that time, the vet arrived, and they were preparing to euthanize her.  Then... she popped up like nothing ever happened.

John - the owner of Bethesda - says they were surrounded by blessings that day, and wants to thank everyone involved: Shar Daniels, Marybeth Shefeld, Chad Ayres - Allendale True Value, Brett Reister - Allendale True Value, Tim Owen - Smith-Owen Sewing Center, Cindy Owen, Todd Shaarda - Equestrian Vet, Jack VanHoven, Beth VanHoven.

They all get today's One Good Thing.

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