The owner of two world-record giant cats that went missing after a house fire in Farmington Hills is offering a $25,000 reward for their safe capture.

One of the cats may have been spotted in the area Monday, Will Powers wrote Tuesday on Facebook.

The cats, Arcturus and Cygnus, plus two other felines named Sirius and Yuki disappeared following a Sunday morning house fire that destroyed Will and Lauren Powers' home in the 34000 block of Quaker Valley Lane.

A "beast" of a cat — possibly Arcturus — was spotted at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the area of 11 Mile and Farmington Roads, Powers wrote. But the tipster didn't report it until Tuesday, the first day the person had seen a news report about the missing cats.

"(Arcturus) may have survived the fire as I couldn't find any of the cats despite many trips back into the house and I opened multiple doors to give them escape routes," Powers wrote.

Powers said the $25,000 reward — payable through the digital currency Bitcoin — is money he has been saving for years.

Powers said Arcturus is likely still wearing a collar and has a TILE tracker.

"If you install the (TILE tracker) app and come within 300 feet I get an alert with his GPS location. The app is free. Please share with anyone in the region," Powers wrote.

He also said: "Arcturus is likely dehydrated and terrified. Do not chase him if he is spotted. Contact me via this post asap. He looks scary but is a sweetheart. Don't fear him. A formal search with animal control will be happening Wednesday morning with daylight."

Cygnus held a Guinness World Record with a tail of 17.5 inches long. Arcturus stood 20.1 inches tall, which was another world record. The cats recently appeared on the national talk show Pickler and Ben.

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