A Grand Junction landlord is looking for renters, but Donald Trump supporters aren’t welcome.

An ad posted in the Nickel last week boasts a downtown apartment with a great backyard. It’s the last line however, that’s capturing attention. It says, if voting for Donald Trump, do not call.

DOWNTOWN APARTMENT, 2 bedrooms, furnished or use your things, organic garden space, hot tub, great back yard, dogs allowed if they have references as good as yours. If voting for Donald Trump, do not call! (970) 778-8902, leave message on phone.

The landlord, Mark Holmes, considers himself a political activist.

"I guess I did it because I want America to wake up, and I know that I can't change people's vote but any vote for Donald Trump is in the way wrong direction," Holmes told 9NEWS.

Since posting the ad that includes his phone number, he's received many messages, some were in support of him others were not.

"I live in a red county, I'm sure my life has been threatened," Holmes said.

The apartment for rent is below where Holmes lives, so for him the wording in the ad made sense.

"I didn't want to live with somebody that is going to vote for Donald Trump, they're just not my kind of person."

The Fair Housing Act does prohibit discrimination, but it does not specifically cover political affiliation.

Even with Trump supporters excluded, Holmes says he's found a renter.

It's not just Trump, Holmes says he's frustrated with the entire current political situation and is recruiting others for a grassroots effort in the Grand Junction area to promote change on a variety of issues. You can reach him at hmark4460@gmail.com