Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is upset and speaking out about a Michigan State Police investigation into the Flint Water Crisis.

According to WXYZ, our ABC affiliate in Detroit, MSP launched its investigation on January 24 at the urging of Gov. Rick Snyder. That was nine days after Schuette began his own independent criminal investigation, on January 15.

Since then, Schuette has brought charges against three people, two of them officials with the state Department of Environmental Quality.

In WXYZ's Jim Kiertzner report, Schuette says he was kept in the dark when Snyder encouraged MSP to launch its own investigation into the DEQ, which was completed on March 26. It would be another month before Schuette learned of its existence. MSP investigators turned over the report to the AG on April 27, after he asked for it.

A spokesperson for MSP claims their investigation was administrative, not criminal.

According to WXYZ, state police interviewed about 10 people during the investigation.

The final report is said to be between 40 to 50 pages. What exactly it says and what is going to be done with the information is unclear since it has not yet been made public.