Gov. Rick Snyder visited Grand Rapids on Monday to speak to local business leaders and commented on the debate but -- which isn't exactly a surprise -- stayed quite as to who he might vote for in the election.

Snyder spoke at the West Michigan Policy forum, which is held every two years. He addressed several issues, including criminal justice reform and economic growth.

The governor said he would like business leaders to consider hiring former prisoners as a way to reform the criminal justice system.

Afterward, Snyder spoke to the media. When pressed, he wouldn't say who he was supporting for president -- continuing to stay mum as he has for months, but told us he was planning to watch the debate Monday, Sept. 26.

“I'm staying out of presidential race, largely," Snyder said. "I'm working on Michigan issues and staying focused on those."

Snyder went on to say there are some issues he would like addressed.

“One is Michigan is a comeback story, he said. "Working together, we can show what economic growth can do in this country and in the future -- such as intelligence vehicles.

"That's something we should maintain leadership in and we're the best place to do that."

The WMPF was held at the Amway Grand Hotel. At the end of the forum, the group voted on its public policy agenda.