Green Party vice-presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka visited Muskegon, and his stop was not at a college campus or a coffee shop but the Michigan Department of Corrections campus.

Baraka visited Wednesday, Oct. 19, with prison inmate Rev. Edward Pinkney, who is serving time at the prison for a conviction on an election law forgery charge.

“For him to be given a 30-month sentence allegedly for changing some signatures on a voter card that is outrageous,” Baraka said.

Baraka has a message to voters looking for a home this election cycle: “We say you only have one choice and that is to support the Green Party. Don't let fear undermine your commitment to principal.”

Baraka said the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will be an administration that will work for social justice.

Muskegon voter Michael Schaafsma supports Stein and Baraka, thinking Stein matches his values.

“There is no decision to be made," Schaafsma said. "Jill Stein’s platform in my opinion is the only one that's sane and reasonable.”

Schaafsma is voting Green Party, but he doesn’t consider himself a third-party voter.

“I vote my conscience," Schaafsma said. "I vote what aligns with what I hope to see for this country."

And he’s disappointed with the current state of politics.

“It is unfortunate that we have this going on," Schaafsma said.

Muskegon voter Brennen Gorman will vote for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

"Traditionally I vote Republican," said Gorman, "and this year I cannot do that.”

Gorman hopes other voters will consider casting votes for third party candidates and wishes those parties were part of the presidential debates, too.

"Now more than ever, I believe it is time for a third party to rise up,” Gorman said.