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Washington electors who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 can be fined

Four people who ignored the will of Washington voters during the 2016 presidential election can be fine, according to a ruling from the state Supreme Court.

Editor's note: The video above is from 2016, when four of Washington state's Democratic electors went rogue.

The faithless electors who defied a pledge they made and ignored the will of Washington voters by casting their Electoral College votes for candidates other than Hillary Clinton in 2016 can be fined $1,000, according to the state Supreme Court.

In 2016, four of Washington's 12 Democratic presidential electors voted for someone other than Clinton. Clinton won the popular vote in Washington. 

Esther John, Bret Chiafalo, and Levi Guerra voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell as a Republican compromise candidate. Robert Santiacum voted for Faith Spotted Eagle. The four electors also voted for vice presidential candidates other than Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate. The idea was to deny Trump a majority, thus throwing the election to the U.S. House of Representatives — something that last happened in 1824. 

Electors are bound to vote with the results of the state’s popular vote, and if they don’t, are subject to a fine

Chiafalo, Guerra and John challenged the rule, filing a request to have the fine waived. The electors argued that the Electoral College is the last line of defense to prevent an unfit president from taking office, and electors should be free to vote their conscience.