Last month the State Administrative Board announced a deadline for all 83 counties in Michigan to replace old voting equipment.

The 10-year contract with three vendors cleared the way for clerks around the state to begin deciding what vendor will provide the best service for their communities.

Some counties are making the decision now to meet the August 2018 deadline. On Thursday, Feb. 9, a number of clerks and elections officials in Muskegon county reviewed equipment one of the three state selected providers is offering.


Muskegon County Clerk Nancy Waters says to comply with a Secretary of State's mandate around 80 new vote tabulators are needed. The equipment that's currently used in Muskegon County and most of the state is at least 10-years-old.

"We are not getting them because we thought that there was voter fraud," Waters said. "We are getting them because times have changed and technology has changed."

Waters hopes in her county a decision is made in time to have the new equipment in place for the August primary.

Another vender approve by the state will be in Muskegon County Friday showing off equipment. A third vendor will visit Muskegon County next week.

August 2018 is the next scheduled statewide election.