Kent County road crews have their work cut out for them for the next 36 hours, with forecasts showing anywhere from two inches to a foot in parts of the state.

Crews are starting early with the most intense system coming in Friday morning. The Road Commission is bringing in 1,000 tons of salt from the east side of the state in addition to what the county has already. The plan is to get out on the roads by 9:30 Thursday evening to begin salting. In the mean time, crews are making sure the trucks are in working order for preparation.

"It's just a matter of making sure the routing maintenance is done, the tires are fresh and hard, got a fresh weight on the trucks, just prepping the trucks and making sure we're ready. The biggest challenge with this storm is going to be the rush hour traffic because again we'll try to get salt down, heavy application before rush hour but at rush hour when everybody's gridlocked, so are we with the truck so the timing of the storm is always the worst when it's going to hit at rush hour," Director of Maintenance for the Kent County Road Commission, Jerry Byrne said.

The salt is expected to work well in clearing the roads because of the temperature during the snowfall, however that snow will be heavier and wet, which means it will be harder to shovel with more force coming off the truck blades.

Byrne wants to remind drivers not to pass the trucks on the right when they're scraping snow, that could throw your car into a spin out. The best thing to do is to drive patiently, slowly and leave early.

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