GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A good nutrition/hydration plan is key to succeeding in any athletic event, but figuring out the timing of both for a triathlon can be difficult. Coach Kari Stuart has her strategy to share.

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Start with hydration - getting enough water is vital to a well-executed race. Try to drink water during transitions (avoid guzzling!) and during the bike discipline. Take advantage of water supplied at aid stations during transitions, too. Mild dehydration can settle in quickly but be disastrous for your race. you need them? Perhaps, and now is the time to find out! Try nutritional supplements during your workouts and see how your body reacts. The timing of nutritional supplements is critical. The bike leg is the best time to consume nutrition and help you power through the rest of the triathlon. 

Nutrition throughout training should not be disregarded. A balanced diet eating real foods is key to an effective training regiment. 

Kari has more about race day nutrition in her blog.

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