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VERIFY: Congressman tweets fake photo of Obama with Iranian President

With tensions between Iran and the U.S. mounting, Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted a fake photo of President Obama shaking the Iranian President's hand.
Credit: VERIFY

A debunked photo from 2015 got a second life on Monday, when Arizona Representative Paul Gosar tweeted it to his followers.

"The world is a better place without these guys in power," he wrote in the message.

The image depicts Iranian President Hassan Rouhani shaking President Barack Obama's hand.

Only problem? The photo isn't real.

Rouhani's image was edited on top of a real photo. 

The faked photo first surfaced in 2015, when someone took a picture of Obama shaking Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's hand. 

At the time, the White House confirmed that Obama and Rouhani had never met.

Bottom line: The photo of Obama and Rouhani is false. It's possible that Congressman Gosar knew that. He later added multiple tweets explaining why he posted the image. 

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