1,060 miles with a backpack, two sore feet, and one goal.

"I'm walking for veterans who have served, who are serving and for the 22 a day that we're losing to post traumatic stress," veteran Marty Wills said.

He walked from Fruitport, Mich., to Camp Lejeune, N.C.

"This is for them, and I really didn't think about myself," Wills said.

Along the way, he shared updates on Facebook, met supporters and fellow vets. His backpack was full of necessities.

"Clothes, I have a tent, I have a fly- and then sleeping bag, camel back, all the water I need," Wills said.

His heart was heavier with emotion.

"There wasn't any dry eyes at that time," Wills said.

But one item gifted to him along the journey by a new friend, weighs the most.

"He said, 'Marty can you do me a favor,' and I said, 'absolutely anything.' He says, 'this is my brother's purple heart and I want you to carry it to honor him.' "I mean it was such an honor to do something like that and just to help a brother out, I know it meant a lot to him," Wills said.

Willis' feet may be sore for a while.

"I might be struggling with some foot pain, but this is nothing compared to what my fellow veterans are going through inside their head," Wills said.

His pain will subside, but he hopes the message behind this epic walk, will not.

"That whole walk was just for them and what can we do to help them out, anyway possible, so I don't feel that I put any weight on my shoulders except for 60 pounds and I'd do it again," Wills said.