Say hello to the most awkward post-game handshake of the college bowl season ... and maybe the rest of the decade.

Immediately following Florida's 41-15 thumping of Michigan on Saturday, head coaches Dan Mullen and Jim Harbaugh met at midfield of Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a seemingly routine handshake.

But that's when shenanigans took place.

Check out this piece of video, which can be interpreted in various ways:

Here's the breakdown:

a) For starters, a trio of Gators players were openly taunting Harbaugh, through interpretive dance, before coming into contact with Mullen.

b) Soon after, Harbaugh either tired of watching the Florida dance squad ... or quickly lost interest in acknowledging Mullen altogether.

c) Mullen, to his credit, seemingly understood Harbaugh's impatience. There was a somewhat respectful back slap before turning away.

Was it the warmest of taps? Eh ... probably not.

Either way, it was a surreal finish to the Peach Bowl; although, it's also fair to wonder the following:

Is anyone surprised that Harbaugh would react poorly to a 26-point beatdown? 

Charting the last 12 years, the temperamental coach has had handshake run-ins with Pete Carroll (numerous times) and Jim Schwartz.


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The funny thing about this: Mullen and Harbaugh acted like bosom buddies during Friday's 30-minute media session, giggling through answers and often deferring to the other coach's greatness.

But anyone can play nice before the game.

Especially since Harbaugh, as the Michigan coach (2015-18), now owns a 1-9 record against top 10 teams.