Fremont was one of the first teams in the state of Michigan to hit the practice field  this season. 

The Packers were out on their field at 12:01 am Monday morning, and they hope their extra work this season helps turn things around.

It's been a rough couple years for the Packers. The team lost 30 straight games over four seasons before beating Stanton Central Montcalm last fall. 

Two of their losses came by a combined six points so head coach Rick Tank can see progress. "If you know anything about Fremont football over the last couple years then you know that we've struggled," Tank said. But he made it a priority to remind the 2019 Packers that they are not last years team. "That pressure, that weight is off us now that we've broken that losing streak. Now we're looking forward to improving immensely."

According to Tank the 2019 Packers won't have as much bulk as they've had in the past, but they're a lot faster than they've been in the last four years. 

He's constantly reinforcing the notion that this group is different. Quarterback Cody Andree has embraced that message, so he won't let anything keep him from enjoying his senior season. 

"Everybody is working together and it ends up being not just a game, but it ends up being time spent with your family and community in a way you don't normally think. People are always supporting you and screaming and I think that's big."

Fremont opens the season against Ludington on August 30th.