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Meijer Scholar Athlete: Hannah Vanderlugt

This week's MSA is a senior volleyball star at Kent City

This week's Meijer Scholar athlete has a penchant for breaking bones. And just in case your wondering, no, she is not a bully, boxer, or MMA fighter.

You see the bones Hannah Vanderlugt {Van-der-lugt} breaks, unfortunately, are her own. The Kent City senior volleyball player has broken her arm a few times and just last year ended up having surgery on her ankle. Ironically all her time spent in the doctor's office has sparked an interest in a career in orthopedics.

"I asked so many questions throughout the whole process. Like just going in and finding out that I was going to have surgery, kind of learning everything about it," she says. "Even the day of the surgery, I was still asking questions about how it was going to go. Observing as much as I could."

With a 4.0 GPA, it sounds like she has put herself in great position to chase her dreams.

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