So your favorite athlete just won big at the Olympics and you want to see them get their medal...but when will that be happening?

Good question!

The official Olympics medal ceremony happens each night at the outdoor medals plaza in PyeongChang, South Korea. So because of the time change that ceremony is happening when it's very early in the morning in the United States.

To be precise, the medal ceremonies are scheduled for 5 am ET / 2 am PT each day. You can watch those live on and clips of the ceremony featuring Team USA athletes are typically shown later on in NBC's primetime coverage. You can also catch them on TV on the Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA.

What's added to some of the confusion this Olympics is that immediately after most of the competitions wrap up there's a short victory ceremony at the venue where the gold, silver, and bronze winners are recognized and given a doll of the PyeongChang games mascot Soohorang. And while Soohorang is a tiger, many people who've seen this moment on TV pointed out that it looks like the Olympians are getting 'teddy bears.'

It's not until the medal ceremonies later that evening in South Korea that the Olympians receive their medals.