Just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday night, our social media alerts went haywire here in the WKYC Channel 3 Newsroom. We started receiving reports of a meteor that was spotted to the north.

Sure enough, our friends in Michigan started posting some of these photos and videos:

According to the National Weather Service in Detroit, light and thunder over the Motor City metro area appeared to be a meteor. This tweet, captured by The Detroit Free Press, was later removed.

Then we saw this YouTube video that was posted from Michigan by Mike Austin

And from our Tegna sister station, WZZM in Grand Rapids:

So far, most of the reports we are getting are from Michigan, although several of you here in Northeast Ohio say you saw or heard the meteor as well. We've had reports of sightings in Garrettsville, Macedonia, and Sandusky, among other places.

As we gather more information, please share with us any videos or photos you might have taken of the meteor.