The clean-up continues in West Michigan, after tornadoes moved through the area during the weekend.

For some homeowners, it meant dealing with insurance claims.

Jason Allen from AAA spent the day, Monday, Aug. 22, surveying the damage. He says if there is no damage, insurance will likely not get involved. If there is, the insurance from the homeowner whose property was damaged, will take care of it.

"If we had a situation where the neighbors tree fell onto your property, AAA would pay to remove that tree off your property," Allen said.

First, homeowners should leave the home and protect it from the elements. Often times, your insurance company can provide you with temporary funds, if necessary.

"We can give you a credit card, so you can pay for the services," Allen said. "Other times, they may issue you advances, so you can have those things taken care of as well."

The next step is to choose the company that will remove the tree.

"Be wary of itinerant workers," said Terry Glenn of the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan. "Often times, when there are storms of any kind, people come out of the woodwork."

Glenn suggests finding someone who is licensed, bonded and insured.

"We always recommend you deal with a true company," he said. "Ask for a contract. Something in writing. What are they supposed to do? You want a confirmed price in writing. Also, do not pay in full before work is done."

An established tree removal service will already be familiar with the process. Sometimes they will work directly with the insurance company to pay the bill.