just drive

It seems that every day there are more things to distract us while we are behind the wheel. All of us can share stories of things we've seen on the highway - drivers texting or doing who-knows-what-else with their phones, eating a meal, tying a tie, putting on makeup, reading a book, reaching for something on the floor, playing with the radio, or any number of other activities that take eyes off the road.

After a distracted driving crash in an I-196 construction zone took the life of 13-year-old David Talsma, the WZZM 13 family began talking about what we can do to make a difference and hopefully save lives so that we don't have to report on another tragedy like the one that killed David. Out of that discussion, we decided to launch an awareness campaign we're calling Just Drive.

The message is simple: we can all put away the distractions, wait until we can pull over or reach our destination, and Just Drive.