GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Our Box Office Mom, Jackie Solberg, is back and taking a look at two new releases in theaters -- giving you a parent's perspective on flicks your kids might be hoping to see.

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 popcorn buckets
  • Release Date: September 4, 2019
  • MPAA Rating: R
  • Best Age Group: 17+
  • Sexual Content: Mild
  • Violent/Disturbing Content: Excessive
  • Crude or Profane Language: Excessive
  • Drug and Alcohol Content: Mild
  • Will Kids Like It? No

The gang from Derry, Maine are back, and sadly so is Pennywise, the evil clown. It's been twenty-seven years since the Losers Club, a group of misfit middle school aged boys, conquered Pennwise. Nonetheless, IT returns to terrorize the people of Derry once again. The kids from the previous movie are now adults and have moved on with their lives, however, they must reunite to destroy the evil clown once and for all!!! IT: Chapter Two is the sequel to the 2017 movie, IT. Both movies are based on Stephen King's 1986 novel.

Talking Points:

Through all the violent scenes the film highlights the importance of teamwork. In order for the characters to survive they must work together to confront the clown's attacks.

Sexual Content: Mild

  • We see two men passionately kissing, and a man and woman kiss.

Violent/Disturbing Content: Excessive

  •  Violent fighting and gory bloody scenes throughout the film.
  • A scary clown and many scary creatures attack adults and children. Character's are shot, stabbed, and bit by monsters oversized teeth.
  • Bullies beat up a gay character- they kick him and throw him over a bridge.
  • An abusive husband punches his wife and whips her with a belt.
  • A character commits suicide. We see him slit his wrists. He's shown in the bathtub all covered in blood.
  • We see flashbacks of an abusive father.

Crude or Profane Language: Excessive

  •  We hear the f-word numerous times throughout the film. We also hear "s--t," "a--hole," "bitch," "vagina," "d--k," and "f--got.

Drug and Alcohol Content: Mild

  •  Adult characters drink socially.
  •  Characters are shown smoking cigarettes.

Will Kids Like It? No

Overall this is a very disturbing, and gory film which is not appropriate for kids.

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