COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. -- If you don't care too much for money, then you can spend it on a rare, limited edition pinball machine that features the world's most iconic music band - The Beatles.

"It's the most expensive pinball machine ever made," said Doug Wildey, CEO of Game Room Guys, which is the only Michigan gaming retailer selling these units. "This game is the first-of-its-kind because getting anything Beatles-related licensed is hard to do."

The machines are built by Stern Pinball Inc., which is located in Chicago, Ill. Game Room Guys began selling them in late November and since then, Wildey says, they've sold close to 70 of them all over the world.

"The first batch [of the Beatles pinball games] we received are all gone," said Wildey. "There's a serious Beatles collector's market out there."

There are only 1,964 units made between the three different versions. The number 1964 was selected in honor of the year Beatlemania caught fire after the band was first introduced on the Ed Sullivan Show.

The different models include the Diamond Edition, which is limited to only 100 units worldwide; the Platinum Edition, which is limited only 250 units, and the Gold Edition, which is limited to 1,614 units and has the lowest price-point of $7,999.

"We have a few of the limited collector's editions at our showroom," said Wildey. "Those who are interested in the limited edition units, we ask that they call us for pricing.

"The Diamond and Platinum Editions are the most expensive pinball machines ever created," added Wildey.

According to Wildey, the playability of the game is easy and challenging at the same time. As the player continues to pile up points, nine licensed Beatles songs will be unlocked. The songs include, "Drive My Car," "Ticket to Ride," "It Won't Be Long," "A Hard Day's Night," "Taxman," "I Should Have Known Better," "Help," "All My Loving" and "Can't Buy Me Love."

The game has a built-in, high-definition video screen. Before you can play, Ed Sullivan pops on the screen and introduces the band just as he did in 1964.

"We have not seen this kind of enthusiasm in the pinball world since the Star Wars and Metallica units were released," added Wildey. "It's been crazy."

Game Room Guys has two locations in Michigan: One in Comstock Park, near Grand Rapids, and the other in Livonia, near Detroit.

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