You may have heard about how sitting is as bad for you as smoking - now, a new study says standing is just as bad for your heath!

Researchers in Ontario, Canada are saying standing is even worse.

To quantify this, they’re talking about people who stand all day like cashiers, hairstylists and chefs.
The Canadian study found that if you stand for more than 8 hours a day as part of your work day you are twice as likely to get heart disease.

They think it's because when you stand all day your blood pools in the legs, forcing your body to work harder to move it back up to the heart which increases pressure in the veins and over time can weaken them causing heart disease.

So, if sitting is bad and standing is bad. What are we supposed to do?

Move every 30 minutes. If your job requires you to sit get up and walk around. If your job requires you to stand, take advantage of opportunities to take sit breaks.

As for those popular standing desks.

Researchers say there’s not much of a health benefit to them because the energy you expend when you're standing is not that different from sitting. Remember the opposite of sitting is, moving!

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