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Voter Guide 2020: What you need to know about the election in Michigan

Here's how to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, mail a ballot in, and what to expect on Election Day in Michigan.

Rose White

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Published: 8:14 PM EDT September 15, 2020
Updated: 9:30 AM EDT October 26, 2020

The general election is on Nov. 3. This year’s election will look a little bit different with Michigan already setting a record for the number of absentee ballots requested. 

Even with ballots being submitted by mail and in person, the election process is still the same. You have to be a registered voter to participate in the election. If you want to vote absentee, you need to apply for a ballot. Either in person or by mail, election officials will make sure you are the person submitting the ballot. 

This guide will provide information about voting in Michigan, including: 

  • What are the key election deadlines
  • How to register to vote
  • How to vote by mail 
  • Is voting by mail safe
  • How to vote in person
  • What to expect on Election Day